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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November Teen Advisory Board Meeting

The Teen Advisory Board met at the Headquarters branch in Westampton on Tuesday night, November 21. Here's what we talked about:

Kathleen mentioned that the Teen Zone neon sign has been installed. She will be selecting anime DVDs for the library next year and is looking for suggestions. She also mentioned that the YA blog now has a link off the library’s teen page. TAB agreed that including book reviews and anime reviews on the blog would be a good idea. There will be a separate online calendar of teen programs on the teen page; it is currently being worked on.

There was a DDR program on Saturday afternoon, October 21 with about 6 or 7 people attending. Kathleen asked about ordering new Playstation 2 games to use for programs. TAB thought Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution would be good additions, but felt DDR Supernova wasn’t as desirable. Games will probably be part of programming for the library lockin next August.

TAB decided we should show an anime in February for Valentine’s Day. There was one vote for Inu Yasha. TAB will think about other possible titles for next month’s meeting.

Halo tournament is still on for January 13. TAB said they could come up with 4 Xboxes, assorted controllers, 2 TVs and one link cable from various sources. We still need 2 televisions, 2 link cables and 2 additional copies of the Halo game. TAB will look into locating these by the next meeting.

Kathleen mentioned that she had asked the YA librarian at Elizabeth Public Library about their literary magazine, which was done in Publisher. Artworks were photographed with a digital camera and JPGs inserted into the Publisher document. They had sent their magazine out to a printer; we would be able to have ours done at the County Print Shop. The final four selections for titles are Elemental Nocturne, Insanto Flame, Feuer und Wasser, and Teen Zine; these will be voted on at the next meeting. TAB members will also bring some sample cover illustrations. It was suggested that we post flyers at the high schools to encourage submissions. Kathleen had also talked with a member of the Teen Advisory Group at the Library Company of Burlington; they have a writing group and might also be interested in submitting writing to the literary magazine. Although the title Flashmonkey was not among the final four, TAB was enthusiastic about doing a Flashmonkey comic to be included in the literary magazine. Various sketches of Flashmonkey were produced, and Kathleen suggested Flashmonkey might be new TAB mascot (t-shirts, anyone?).

TAB said best times for programs during the school year would be early Saturday afternoons, 12-2.

TAB felt that Cardcaptor Sakura should stay in the YA section, rather than moving to Juvenile. New titles suggested for purchase were Her Majesty’s Dog and Never Give Up.

Next TAB meeting will be Tuesday evening, December 5.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Upcoming Teen Advisory Board Meeting at HQ

Just to let you all know there will be a Teen Advisory Board meeting next Tuesday, November 21, at 7:00 pm at the Headquarters branch in Westampton. We're still trying to get equipment together for the January Halo tournament, and get things rolling with the literary magazine. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

YouTube Silliness - Chronicles of Libraria

Teen filmmakers, been thinking about submitting a video to YouTube? Check out this video created by two students for the University of Southern Florida Libraries - Chronicles of Libraria. Bad rap, smoothies, anti-plagiarism - silly but fun.